E stands for Educational.

M stands for Media.

EM Workshop Inc. is a communications firm and documentary production company that shares knowledge and information with community.

As the President & CEO, Dana Inkster brings over 20 years experience as a marketer and award-winning filmmaker with a portfolio is based on the age old practice of storytelling.

Dana Inkster


President & CEO

Dana has worked as an independent producer and cultural marketer. Her portfolio is based on the age old practice of storytelling and includes short videos and broadcast documentaries including the award-winning National Film Board of Canada production 24 Days in Brooks.

As a communications specialist, supporting clients with strategic planning for revenue generation documentary production, as well as marketing & development consultation and workshops to facilitate message delivery. This is a resource for organizations with stories to tell and who understand that the stories we share shape our communities.


In a word: COMMUNITY

Dana Inkster has worked as a community builder and marketer since 1995. "I have built a career based on the craft of collaborating with community to share our stories".


Documentary filmmaking is used to capture events, history and the lives of people. Documentaries could include interviews, on-location filmmaking, and presentation of facts and figures, historical information, day-in-the-life, or in-depth analysis. They could flow naturally or have narration. We can script, film and produce a full documentary in house.


Your organization can get the information and training you need to develop your own video productions. Contact us for rates and availability.


As a Marketing & Communications firm, EM Workshop Inc. crafts narrative - because storytelling creates an official record of who we are as people and as communities. We use this trade in service of organizations across the public and private sector to inspire community engagement.

Latest Projects

As a Development & Communications firm, EM Workshop Inc. designs and implements winning strategies to inspire community engagement. Since 1995 Dana has served management teams by leading and facilitating engagement as a means to meeting strategic objectives and goals.

NEW Management

Lethbridge living

Workshop for Small Business Marketing

Benefit from the added value of community reach in print and digital media.

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Fundraising workshop for Artists

These customized workshops are designed for small arts & cultural organizations. Clients benefit from an affordable, on-site sessions that meld fundraising practices with artistic foundations as a creative strategy for effective message development in the arts & culture sector.

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Visual storytelling Workshop for Community

Everyone has a story to tell and almost everyone has access tools to reach. These 90-minute workshops are delivered as a series of week-long modules.



Fundraising Book Series

This series is an archive of amazing case studies in community development. The series connects the dots between messaging and some of the most successful community engagement campaigns.



Documentary Production

This project celebrates the many stories  inspired by friends and neighbours, new and old. Each story reveals how great community tell the dramatic stories of everyday people.

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If you have story you're ready to share, start with me. I'm always happy to learn about unique experiences that make great stories.

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